Customers today use many channels to communicate-email, phone, chat, web, sms, fax, social media.
And they may use different channels to communicate with different organizations within your company: email to respond to a marketing campaign or survey, web to ask a service question, and phone to purchase a product from your call center.
Still, they expect a unified, quality brand experience regardless

Multi-channel interaction management solution ensures that you make the most out of every conversation :

With multichannel interaction management you will be able to deliver a consistent, high quality customer experience within and across:
  • Phone
  • Web
  • Emails
  • sms
  • Fax
  • Chat

Even if the customer uses a wide array of your company's products and services through different groups across your enterprise, our multi-channel interaction management solution presents it all in one record so your frontline employees have a unified customer view, and your customers get a unified brand experience. And when transitions from self-service to assisted service occur, the interaction thread is captured and maintained so agents can seamlessly pick up the interaction.


  • Multichannel access: phone, fax, email, web, SMS, social media, business objects
  • ACD: multichannel queuing, priority and skills-based routing, email routing
  • Single customer record provides repository of all customer interaction data.
  • Multi-channel interaction tracking captures interactions across channels, including social media
  • Dynamic Agent Desktop provides unified phone, email, sms, web,chat and social media interaction management
  • Seamless transitions from IVR and web self-service to assisted service channels; from voice self-service to assisted service channels
  • from social media interactions to assisted service channels
  • Analytics optimizes performance and efficiency with insight to metrics including channel effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Multi-channel(voice, email, web) customer feedback enables real-time capture of customer voice across all channels.

  • Multi-channel customer choice.
  • Consistent high quality customer experience across channels.
  • More personalized, targeted customer communication.
  • Continuous customer experience improvement across channels.

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