OHSAS 18000 Safety Management System

Organizations can better address occupational health and safety concerns in a more orderly and consistent manner with the implementation of an OH&S Management System (OHSMS).

The OHSAS 18001 OHSMS provides a framework for organizations to examine issues such as the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibilities and on-going evaluation of practices, procedures and processes systematically, and to achieve continuous improvement in OH&S performance through effective management of their risk impacts.

OHSAS 18001 has been widely adopted by many countries in the world for their OH&S Management System certification.

The main intent of this management system standard is to control risks and prevent harm to those at work.

With the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System, an organisation is able to manage its OH&S risks with the same degree of expertise and control as its other business activities.

The system is practical and takes into account the organisational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the organisation's OH&S policy.

OHSAS 18001 provides the following benefits:

  • improve corporate image in the eyes of regulators, customers, employees as well as the society at large
  • increased safety awareness fostering a safer workplace, reduce insurance claims and premiums, reduce loss time and costs
  • reduced legal liability by showing due diligence and better management of risks
  • showing that the organisation cares for staff well being

Our Training and Consultancy Implementation

Each project involves a carefully planned combination of training and consultancy support.

Training provides the knowledge and skills transfer which is essential for the Occupational Health & Safety Management System development, self sufficiency in system maintenance and long term success.

Consultancy support provides the expert knowledge to advise, review, improve so that the system developed are comprehensive and integrate into a cohesive system that will operate to the benefits of the organization and meet the requirements of the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

Each project is implemented in 4 phases as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Current System Appraisal
  • Phase 2 - Design and Development
  • Phase 3 - System Implementation
  • Phase 4 - Audit and Review

Services we provide

  • OHSAS 18001 consultancy implementation
  • OHSAS 18001gap analysis review
  • Customisation of OHS legal register
  • OHS legal update services
  • OHS Legal compliance audit
  • OHS internal auditing

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