Speech Interactive Voice Response(IVR)

Voice Processing Technology

Wouldn't it be great if there were a customer service solution that could reduce inbound telephone calls requiring agent assistance, scale with customer demand and still build customer satisfaction? Our voice self-service does just that.Voice enabled provides your customers answers to inquiries immediately, while service representatives are assisting other customers. But unlike traditional approaches where customers are forced to navigate menus via the keypad and select from a narrow range of information, Our Voice Self-Service allows customers to quickly find answers to their product or service questions, take orders and collect payments.

Traditional IVR systems typically are limited to a narrow list of static information. Historically these systems have also been burdened with rigid user interfaces and high maintenance overhead. By applying leading voice processing technologies we improve voice self-service success and reduce operating costs. Provide all or part of your knowledge base information to customer via the voice interface Easily make new information available by simply adding it to the knowledge base Direct users to the most useful information with self-learning technologies Allow customers to search for information with natural, flexible voice instructions Preserve existing investments in telephony and IT infrastructure

IVR Industry Applications.

  • General Enterprise IVR
  • Call Center IVR
  • Government Offices & Agencies IVR
  • Banks & Financial Services IVR
  • Utilities IVR
  • Healthcare IVR
  • Retail Sales IVR
  • Travel & Transportation IVR

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