Our Unified
Agent Desktop

supports multiple concurrent channels

Unified Agent Desktop

In an Ominchannel Contact Centre, each interaction channel is distinct in the sets of requirements for the Customer and Agent to communicate effectively. These interactions need to be designed into the overall Agent Desktop to be effective. Our Unified Agent Desktop can support multiple concurrent channels of use by an agent.

A Unified Agent desktop also brings together all the information that can address a Customer need including Customer Records, Product Records, Support History, Knowledge Base. A Unified Agent Desktop then orchestrates this information and tools based on customer context and defined process.

The Oracle Service Cloud Dynamic Agent Desktop, Genesys PureCloud and Genesys PureConnect are  state-of-the-art examples of this form of Unified Agent desktop.

Unified Agent Desktop, Unified Queuing, Unified Dashboard and Reporting and Unified Workforce Management while different concepts, work together synergistically to deliver great Omnichannel Customer Experience.