Delivers historical and Live actionable insights

Unified Real-time
Dashboard and Reporting

Aggregating and Correlating data from multiple business sources to deliver historical and Live actionable insights are critical to a omnichannel contact centre.

For example when certain interaction queues approach defined thresholds, work queuing priorities and routing can be re-balanced to accommodate unmatched forecasted omnichannel interactions.

Contact Centre Dashboard and Reporting must be fast and responsive to changes allowing contact centre to predict and avoid customer service issues, drive innovations and secure competitive advantage. Unlike tradition BI tools which takes weeks or months to generate using data warehouse, development and consulting, contact centre reporting and Live insights must be delivered within seconds in an easy to configure interface and come with pre-built contact centre understanding.

Unified Agent Desktop, Unified Queuing, Unified Dashboard and Reporting and Unified Workforce Management while different concepts, work together synergistically to deliver great Omnichannel Customer Experience.